It was one of those lost in the Summer types of days when I realized a trip to the river would cure my boredom. I packed myself in to the truck and headed to the Medina. At Pleasant Valley Crossing the waters rushed hard to the left and a pool for just sitting held fast to the right. My goal was to get a good rush of the cold water over my shoulders. I had to cling tight to the branches, as the waters pushed my body south. Occasionally I would turn to give my knees some relief from the strain of fighting the water and the rocks. I spent an hour in the water. The rest of my day was like the others: work, meal, bed.

Somewhere between a deep rest and the tossing and turning of the morning hours, I heard a voice in my head. Don’t forget this. Don’t forget this. Wild Creek Ink(c). Wild CreekInk(c). Wild CreekInk(c). Clicking my mental heals three times, I awoke to remember that name. I could have finished it off with anything else. It was unclear why ink or inc. So I chose Ink. Not because I am a tattoo artist. I could design a tattoo if I wanted. I felt that ink is just one of those timeless elements that helps us to remember who we were, where we came from, why we are here and essentially essential in recording the future. We print out pages to read. We put it in writing digitally but it’s still inked in for the time being.

So a concept has been put to good use. Under the Wild Creek Ink hat is Texas Hill Country Biker, Oxford Ranch Rendezvous, countless jobs for others and the future Rendezvous on the River.

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