Long Way to The Top

If you want to rock and roll. And not that fly by night, if it works then it works type of rock and roll. I have met some characters in the moto industry. I can’t decide which person is my favorite. We all agree that mocha latte frappe coffee concoctions should stay in the city. And if you are going to bbq then you do it from ground up and not hire in some big name ticket to sponsor. It’s about keeping things simple. Of course, slinging cast iron and boiling coffee for an hour before everyone is ready to rise is not simple. 

Simple would be to stay home. Anyone who knows me will admit that they love me or hate me. That’s because I have chosen the hard road most of my life. First I had a booth at the rally in Bandera. When I saw what was happening, I left my booth and began to photo document the event. What I saw was a lot of vendors wondering when they’d make enough to cover the expense of being there. So the first thing I nixed? Vendors. Next rally I came in as a photo-social media journalist. I kept it simple. Take a great pic, tag it right and build on it for the next rally. 

I applied this at every event. For some, it may seem as if I had fallen from the top, but I am only on the fifth switchback. I enjoy watching people climb straight up to the top only to get pushed off by managers and other like-minded folk who need someone to land on. Don’t quote me on this. It was said to me rather publicly on facebook a couple years ago. Words of wisdom that stuck with me as I developed out the Rendezvous. I wanted to know if there was a way to tap in to the motorcycle culture simply with no frills, no whirligigs or other spoon fed entertainment. 

The Rendezvous was born out of the ashes of a weird phase in my life. it was about standing up to the current culture and saying “stop!” Literally, stop the noise, the prefab, the bedazzled, the over-latte-ed (sorry not a word) and, you get the point. Motorcycles. Texas Hill Country. Camping. Bright stars. Good eats from dutch ovens. Simple.

This next weekend is anything but simple. Bandera will be lit up with Every saloon that can be open will have food trucks, live bands and enticements. Which street will you walk down. Will you venture outside city limits?

Published by Jenn Kulick

Crafter, Writer, Teacher, Designer, Dyer and then some.

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