Bandera River Crossing

Bandera Crossing Resort is new. Fresh. Unique. Young. Impressive. And, of course, dirt roads for off roading buzzed in my ear. As a newbie dirt biker I have already broken my Yamaha. The kick start and I had a difference of opinion. If I saw the potential, then you can imagine what others will see as the resort develops outward to its fullest potential. 

You see blank images with just scenes. I see potential. You see another river shot. I see people enjoying themselves after a long days ride. Nothing better for those tired feet than a cold, crisp river. You see organized and detailed. I see plenty of room for every type of traveler and, indeed, that is where I am heading in this article. 

It didn’t take me long to realize the connection that could be made between my Rendezvous concept and the next gen bikers. I include all ages. Gray beards enjoy a good experience as much as the trying-to-still-grow-a-beard crew. Ladies excluded. Unless if that’s your style. Bandera Crossing Resort has a place to stay for every type of traveler and will be upgrading as they grow. It’s a bit more hipster but you can bring your old school with you. Let’s face it. Old is new. New is old. All are welcome whether you chop your bike, stare at your bike, ride an upgraded, super duper nifty bike, ride the hills for breakfast on your bike, get dirty on your bike, RV your bike in, ride for a cause or just cruise the back roads on good weekends. 

Looking forward to see first hand the fruits of months of labor. Coming up is Rock The River, October 1-3, 2020. $45 for wristbands. Pretty sure they are booked up, but check ‘em out!

Published by Jenn Kulick

Crafter, Writer, Teacher, Designer, Dyer and then some.

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